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Security Programs • Fraud & Theft Reduction • Regulatory Compliance • Risk Management • Strategic Planning • International Operations • Program Management • Investigations • Vendor Management • Contract Negotiations • Policies & Procedures • Team Leadership & Training

Samsung’s audit team uncovered increased repair times, deceptive practices and overbilling by subcontractors. Analyzed quality of subcontractors, reducing low quality contracts and mandating training for all. Instituted matching system for client, appliance, and parts. Analyzed system anomalies to prevent fraud and waste. Reduced service time by three days.

Met with manufacturing sites in Mexico to oversee their operation. Worked with compliance teams and security officers to evaluate policies. Instituted training for staff and vendors, policy changes for trucking contractors, and additional security measures. Discontinued or renegotiated contracts with high-risk vendors.

Productivity had been negatively affected by employees’ requirement to complete in-person trainings. Built team to develop proposal, ensuring staff received necessary training in both Korea and the US. Received enthusiastic approval; worked with vendors to create e-training modules that delivered training in less than three hours.

Worked closely with international tax counterparts, global law enforcement partners, the Financial Action Task Force and the Organization of Economic Cooperation Department (OECD). Teamed with the Department of Justice on investigations of Swiss banks and their accounts with US taxpayers.


Following publicity of the tax evasion schemes, created procedures to bring additional taxpayers with undeclared wealth held overseas into compliance. Worked with the American Bar Association to educate attorneys. Program generated 12K additional disclosures of offshore bank accounts and $7B+ in fines.

Worked closely with federal agencies in Homeland Security and the Treasury Department to follow the charity’s funds. Deployed resources to the Middle East and doubled global footprint with agents posted at US embassies.

We teach you to minimize risks when conducting business locally while operating globally.

Victor Song Consulting brings deep expertise and experience to provide you the tools to operate locally while providing your clients international banking services.

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